This was such a special day in a truly infinite number of ways. Rach is one of my dearest friends, and also happens to be my second shooter! We have been through so much together, having first met at Uni when we were teenagers. Rach met Oli when she moved over to the UK shortly after Uni, where they wound up working in the same pub. And well, the rest is history. Their day was full of bright popping colour, alpacas, hilarity, and some truly epic party times - plus one heck of a line up of vendors, all listed here...

Venue: Starline Alpacas Farmstay

Celebrant: Hungry Hearts Co

Content Creator: Modern Day Romance

Florist: The Botanical Workshop

Hair: Bella Sofia Hair

Make Up: Taylah Turner Hair

Dress: Studio C

Catering: Sammy's Tucker

Bar: Boozy Suzie

DJ: Mane Events